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Ecobuilding: "Welcome to the Ecobuilding Homepage The idea of this website is to present results of EU-Thermie target projects in the building sector and other important solar low-energy demonstration projects in Europe.

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  • solar powere
  • demonstration projects

At the moment this website includes information from 8 different EU target projects as well as 10 other solar low-energy demonstration projects. In the website you can download final project reports, e.g. from the EHEN93 project and there are links to different target project websites and other websites, as well as to the website with the Green Build energy and environmental point system and examples of best available technologies.

The 'Ecobuilding' website has been established with partly funding from the EU-Thermie B project 'Ecohouse-Rom- Net'. The aim of the 'Ecohouse-Rom-Net' project has been to establish a working tool, which includes solar low-energy demonstration projects and also a possibility of using Cenergia's 'Optibuild' tool.

'Optibuild' is a computer programme that can optimise the best possible package of energy saving measures for buildings, which have the lowest lifecycle costs. An interactive version of 'Optibuild' can be downloaded from the website or it can be obtained from Cenergia on a CD-Rom. More information about website and relevant links."
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