sunnuntaina, lokakuuta 07, 2007

Great Oak Conservatory Project

A Lean To designed Hardwood Conservatory bespoke made in Oak.

Slide 1: Richmond Oak This Lean To Hardwood Conservatory in Oak is part of the redevelopment of the rear of this period property.

Slide 2: Richmond Oak The conservatory is constructed in oak and the doors and window frames in the adjacent extension have been made in the same material.

Slide 3: Richmond Oak The interior is bathed in natural light and the oak is unpainted allowing the users to enjoy the natural oak finish.

Slide 4: Richmond Oak This conservatory will easily become a space where the family can spend many happy hours relaxing and eating meals throughout the year.

Slide 5: Richmond Oak To find out how you can enjoy a conservatory like this: Tel: 01908 511 434 or Email and we will Email you a copy of our conservatory brochure showing other beautiful designs. You can see more conservatories like this at:
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